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Originally Posted by thegad View Post
Hey I'm interested in the front and rear coils if they're the same part # as my car came with. Can you do the following:

-Go to
-Click "Visit the electronic parts catalogue" on the right side
-Login with user name "eu111111" password "bmwetk1"
-"Enter the last 7 characters of your VIN
-Click on "Spring Table" in the left menu (blue background)
-Options on your car should be pre-selected, just click the "Calculate springs" button
-Tell me what the top number is in the top row for the "Part number front axle" column and "part number reaar axle" column

If the part numbers are a match with mine I'll take your coils!
Ok, I'll check this out later today and let you know. I have the package up on eBay right now though. I'm using that as priority sale. If it doesn't sell on there or if you don't want to bid on there (given the coils match up), then I'll sell to you.
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