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Originally Posted by STi_traitor View Post
I am very confused on your opinions gentlemen. It clearly states in the add that it's a Mitsubishi production car for Brits. If Mitsubishi didn't tune it to the specs then who did? If Mitsubishi tuned it, then its a Mitsubishi car they "produced" and will sell to people. I am just reading what the article states.

Holset, highlighted red makes no sense. Are you saying that a company like Mitsubishi can't tweak an original engine to get more power? Isn't that what all companies do to make more production vehicles. Here is a little something I got from Wiki for both of you.

When used in motorsports, the term is quite exact and a certain number of a model must be produced in order to qualify for the term. The 1968 FIA rules stated that production cars were, for sports cars, at least 25 identical cars produced within a 12 month period and which were meant for normal sale to the individual purchasers.[6] FIA rules tend to allow a degree of modification from the original.

The Subaru Spec C is a production vehicle as well, just not for the states.
These guys tuned it New Zealand-based WRC Developments (responsible, along with Ecutek, for the whole UK FQ line-up) They actually moved from the UK.


Red Bread you beat me to it.

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