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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
I'm with you. I think the FQ400 is a production car. Does Mitsubishi sell it to you to use it on roads? Yes, then it's a production car to me. If it was a Cosworth WRX STi like car, then the discussion would be valid. The 4G63 in the FQ400 is modified for sure, but it's still a production engine.

One thing caught my is the 8.6:1 CR of this A45 AMG. That is pretty low for a DI engine. This will probably cause a mushy throttle response. Looks great though, can't deny that. Somehow they managed to turn the A-Class into a looker.
Agreed! Another great example is the Ken Block Ford Fiesta. It doesn't even have a Fiesta motor in it, and they made it AWD.