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Originally Posted by Judge View Post
Welllll, it can do wonders for your social life. I don't regularly smoke but once every four or five months I'll be at bar or some cool hangout place and be offered a cigarette by one of those worldly fellows who always has a story and everyone loves to be around. Why is it that the smoker of the group is always the coolest?
So true, that's actually how it started for me. I wanted to be part of this so-called cool smokers group. Smoking then became a reason to hang-out at street corners & pool clubs. After a while, I couldn't take a dump without having a cigarette.

Last week, i went out to my friends place for lunch with other buddies. After lunch, I was offered a cig and I simply denied it. FYI, my buddies are married and they use me as an excuse to step out and smoke. Too bad don't anymore!!

They usually sneak out, so the wives don't see 'em. I m just a passive smoker there.
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