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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Ten seconds of the Googles points to someone who didn't build planes for the Axis seventy years ago being responsible for all of the FQ cars:

But the area where New Zealand-based WRC Developments (responsible, along with Ecutek, for the whole UK FQ line-up) has made the biggest difference is in the suspension. Track widths are up 20mm front and rear, and the whole body sits 30mm lower. Those are big shifts and they make a big difference.

Ask yourself this, if any car company developed a unique car, with the sunk costs it takes to do so, would they limit themselves to 100 models? I'd guess it has something to do with UK law allowing up to 100 cars from a garage outfit before they have to actually pass emissions and other standards.
Your lame, I am simply stating facts about what is considered a production car. Whether it was from Google or anywhere else, what the heck would that matter. At least I claimed I got it from the internet.

You need to just chill out buddy! Oh, I googled this too, read the first sentence. Mitsubishi "built" the "production" car with their Race Team ADR. I am sooooooo smart!!!!!