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Originally Posted by rantarM3
I think to validly compare tunes you'd have to run them on the same car, with the same driver, on the same course, and with similar atmospheric conditions. Your test will run an E90 v E92, different drivers, different tires, and it seems that in a not particularly controlled environment (i.e., the street). My prediction is that you won't be able to determine any meaningful difference, but I'm nevertheless interested in seeing what happens.

Good luck and be safe.


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The best way to eliminate driver influence is for both cars to put both cars DCT in the same mode, and both cars use vBox's. I'm not sure you remember seeing these, but my buddy made a program that can create a racing video directly from the vBox files. If you
tell the program to race from 40-140, 60-130, or whatever, then the program will line the cars up and create an exact video of the race based on the data in the vBox files. Everything is perfectly to scale and eliminates driver influence or one driver jumping the
gun on the other, etc.

Take a look:

If you both don't have vBox's, go get them or borrow them. You'll like using them anyways. Then when you're done, send me the files and I'll have my buddy make the video.
Wow you guys are really over thinking this IMO. If one of us get the jump on the other we start over, if one messes up we start over. We have hundreds of miles on the autobahn to make this near perfect.

I do like that software, I just don't see myself buying it.