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Originally Posted by GT3 Tim
Yeah, I feel your pain too.

ALL of my door dings come from the wife opening her door in the garage and not paying attention. WTF! She opens her rear door (SUV) and it makes perfect contact with the upper part of my rear door panel.

I had a paintless dent repair guy do it once...had about 5-6 dings on the rear door. Turned out PERFECT. It's about time to do it again....what a PITA.

If the wife would be a bit more careful, we could save about $130 every six months...geez...either that or she can acutally PULL OVER TO THE FRICKEN RIGHT when she parks...but NO, she leaves like 2' of room over there. lol. FML
Car that parks on the left side of the garage pulls straight in (my wife). Car that parks on the right side of the garage backs in (my m3). That way, neither driver's door opens toward the other car when getting in/out of the vehicles.
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