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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
Guessing this is a v8? If it is I don't see the "upgrade" as the performance between this and the m3 is non-existent or neglible. Now if it was for simply looks than I totally get it. Or if its a V-10 than forget I said anything!

Also why would he need another daily driver? I don't get those comments as why would you not drive an R8 daily?

If I had a Zonda or something crazy than sure but even a ferrari I would daily drive. Why not?
Practicality, actual cost of item, maintenance cost, and re-sale value.

Driving a Ferrari daily is a PITA. I love mine, but it's not a practical car. Also, you really don't get the joy of driving that car in a 5 mile work commute.

You ever get door dings? Sorry, but with the amount that the Ferrari cost, I'm not really comfortable parking it in the Whole Foods parking lot The Ferrari is a luxury item. It's not just a car.

The other thing is the high maintenance cost. When something goes wrong with the Ferrari, it's a lot of money. The clutch only lasts 10-15K miles and that's 6 grand right there.

The last thing is re-sale value. Put those miles on and it's worth a lot less if you want to sell it later.

Upgrade is not just tied to performance.