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Service Engine Soon - Advice needed

A few a weeks ago, I get the "service engine soon" light on my car. I call into my dealership to schedule an appointment to have it checked out. They took a look at the issue this past Thurs (2/14).

Here is the work they did according to the printout:

1) perform vehicle test. connect battery charger. DME: 27B1 secondary air system flow rate, bank 2. ck = fault 1x
2) testplan B1215-M60SLV. Result = no fault found. diagcode: D1170-B0000000-07-901
3) clear fault memory

In short, the SA called me and told me the error had to do with the air pump that forces air into the exhaust to help it warm up faster. They hooked up the equipment and tested the pump and found no issues with it. The SA told me a contributing factor could be since I don't drive my car much it could just caused by the battery and recommended that I should get a battery tender if I'm not driving it much.

Fast forward to today, I leave work and start my car and the "service engine soon" light is back on again. I'll have to schedule another service appointment with the dealership but, could there be something else wrong or is it just as simple as having the battery tender since I don't drive my car much during the winter? If so, can anyone recommend where I can get a battery tender? - thanks

More Info: MY2009 E92 M3.....About 16800 on the clock