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Originally Posted by L4ces View Post
I went to an Indy shop that specializes in high end cars and heard another opinion on oil for the M3. They don't recommend the Castrol TWS because it doesn't meet German specs; only US specs. They say it lacks zinc because of the following reason. Iffff, the vehicle begins to eat oil, it would likely cause problems with the catalytic converters. They said the lack of the zinc results in more sludge and engine wear and that is what theyve witness with the Castrol TWS! So they use two oils they highly recommend and I only recall one for certain and it is Elf (I think the other was Moly or Mobil but I am uncertain). Elf is what they recommend for my M.

Interesting huh? I know, I certainly am not excited to experiment, but that was what they said.

Any thoughts fam?

ELF Total Quartz is great oil and LL-01 and LL-04 certified (approved for non-M engines) not the s65..its no longer available in the US anyways