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Wow all this response from an EMT going to med asking about getting an M3? hell of a tangent.

someone mentioned about the change taking place with NP/PA: NY has been holding strong on this front particularly the older generation of Docs. in NJ i felt the approach was the opposite plug a hole with NP/PA. Some NP and PA's felt there is no difference in their skills...well i for one noted the difference in practice of medicine by a lot (failure to recognize the sick vs bogus, keeping radiology busy with tons of studies).
few people really don't know they don't have further training once they complete school. Some NP/PA swear by what they learned from their MD mentors and dont realize medicine has changed. Keep an NP/PA in certain areas and you will see the medical errors, medical mismanagement and what not.
sorry for the detour but NP/PA in place of MDs topic is very frustrating. Sure they have a place, just don't think belong in certain places...
fee for service will be more like free for service....