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Originally Posted by tommy94gt View Post
THANK YOU! I don't see any of you guys kicking these girls out of your beds...

And did you guys expect some wholesome churchgoing shy girls walk around a car show wearing nothing but duct tape? Come on, of course they all look like strippers, chances are they probably ARE strippers! 6 drinks later with the proper lighting at the club we are all paying $30 a dance... Give me a break!

Props to the guys at Strasse Forged, you must have had a ball!
Thank you sir, we appreciate it. You hit the nail right on the head!

As for the other responses, thanks for the opinions and constructive criticism guys, we appreciate it.

Please do remember that at the end of the day whether they're so called 'strippers', 'hookers', 'porn stars' or whatnot, they're still women and do deserve respect. There is no need to disrespect and down talk these women whether you find them attractive or not.

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