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Originally Posted by DiavelM3 View Post
Nope, negative. M5 weighs more

I can. That vid is of a modded GTR (Y-pipe, decat and prob tune?), against a bone stock M6.
Here is stock vs stock (in the wet too)
And where are these insanely fast bmws, again, at NATIONAL events such as texas2k?

Where? No one seems to answer my question on that. Ive been to quite i few and havent seen any m6/m3/m5 on the ROAD COURSE..yeah..i said road course (Might have been the suprameet but im pretty sure it was the texas2k event) ?

Where are they at?
At some point in time, youve got to get off the net and put your $$ where your mouth is.

It gets yawnworthy.

Europe has faster bmws that the US?

If youre stateside, you know where these events are. No more need for discussion IMO.