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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post
No flames on this one please as I was just as surprised as most of you will be.

I was running a quick errand for my wife when up behind me came a black E60...didn't know it was an M5 at this point. Since he was on my a$s, I gunned it up to the red light (~ 1/8 mi. away) just for fun, and it took him a while, but he caught up.

Then, as the light turned green and I was still in front, I gunned it again and he didn't catch me until I put on the brakes and shut it down, since it was a urban rd. with a low speed limit. He then flew by me until the next red light; that's when I realized it was an M5...saw those quad pipes and the ///M5 logo!!!! Here's where it really got interesting.

As he took a right at the light (and I rolled up behind him), he gunned it and I followed...but he couldn't lose me; in fact, I caught up quickly and began to pull on him @ ~ 60mph - ~ 90mph when we had to shut it down again.

Yes, I know, those M5s have much more top end power, and he probably would've walked me above 120mph, but I was really under the impression that a $90k E60 M5 would walk a PROcede 335i right from the get-go...but, apparently NOT SO.

In addition, I know some of you might say...well, he didn't press that M power button. Although I don't know for sure, I'd say that he must have been in P500 M power mode (full 507HP), since he knew we were having a little fun together for several minutes and a few runs. I'm confident he pushed that little "M" button his steering wheel.

The only other things that could've inhibited him was the fact that he had 1 other guy as a passenger (and I was alone in my car), and the hot, humid weather (93 degrees F / 61% R.H.).

When we shut it down for the 3rd time, we both rolled down our windows and the 2 guys gave me a thumbsup and said that they didn't know the 335i was THAT fast! I said I have the PROcede piggyback computer and told them about my HP/TQ, and my run at the local 1/4 mi. drag strip; their jaws dropped to the floor...they nearly flipped out as they had never heard of the "PROcede 335i." I told them to look it up on the Internet!!!!!

Anyway, just thought I'd flames please.
LOL I believe you man I had almost the exact experience with my car and an E60 M5 and an M6 Vert as well but I'm not even gonna read the rest of the thread cause I already know the excuses and flames you'll get but it usually comes from people who haven't actually done it or don't even have a 335 so I feel you.Reminds me the time I raced an M6 that couldn't pass me untill 100 or so from a stop and he said "Nice car it's fast this my brothers car and It needs an Oil Change" I said "So do I Thanks"...flame suit on...