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Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
Maybe you are not aware of how the justice system works in the US.

Juries don't determine sentence they only determine guilt. Sentencing is at the sole discretion of the judge and even then he/she has to follow sentencing guidelines prescribed by law.

The only time the jury is involved in sentencing is during a capital case where there is a sentencing phase and they vote death penalty vs life in prision.
You know it better than I do. I thought you were asking me if I thought race matters in treatment and I said yeah I thought its not entirely fair, that's all.

Originally Posted by kingofthedemo View Post
Anyone with a higher IQ than a chimp, could tell you that stomping and kicking on a 56 year old's head who is on the floor could kill them! And you say this man deserves no more than 11 years, that is sick.
I did not say what I thought anyone DESERVED. I was trying to make an estimation from 'society's point of view - not just YOURS which is the viewpoint of the aggrieved party.
We differ in that you only consider what YOU think and couldn't give a damn what the other side thinks, I (try to) abandon any personal opinions and try to see it from the point of view of the supposedly unbiased judge.

That said, I am probably biased against dicks that troll in real life, I can imagine how annoying a 56yr old asian guy laughing in my face can be. This does not deserve his death, but you are overstating the facts by saying he killed him outright from such a little thing.

Since it is the 3rd time you have called me mental, here is a meme for you.