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Originally Posted by Purple Derple
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Hi guys,

So I'm just wondering if its possible for your shocks to be done by 20k miles with 1 track day use. I've noticed my comfort setting has gotten a little more bumpy lately. Maybe because I changed my seating position, but it makes me wonder if it would make that much of a difference if any.

Any suggestions or advice or opinions would help.


What do you mean by bumpy? If your shocks go the car should feel softer over bumps like a crown Vic.
Bad springs make the car soft, bad shocks do not soak up the bumps and cause sort Of a vibration which would usually be absorbed.

As for shocks lasting 20K, no way. My dad's car has 12k and the suspension feels new, and the roads here are horrible. To give you an idea, I am waiting to change the shocks on my 80K mile E39 M5 (quite possibly the first time) so yeah it should be at least 50K until bushings and shocks give in, springs should last much more