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Originally Posted by Epacy View Post
Mixed. The taillights and exhaust tips are to-die-for. Obviously, the performance aspect is superb. The side profile is kinda iffy. I do like the front and the way it is laid out. Would like to see them change how the bumper interacts with the line that comes down from the headlights.
I have heard the rumor of 3 different variants. All with the same engine though. V-6 TT, 3.7 liter, 450+ hp, seriously enhanced version of their ATTESA all-wheel drive that was used on previous versions of the Skyline GT-R. Biggest difference between the models being extensive CF and a rumored dual-clutch tranny. Plus added luxury on them mid-tier level.
Was hoping it would be branded as an Infiniti, actually was at one point. Would have been nice to forgo the hit and miss Nissan dealership experience.
The car would obviously be much more focused than an M3. So, I have to way that. Further enhanced performance or more luxury/all-rounder. Still leaning with the M3.
Nice post. The latest rumor I heard was an Infiniti version is being considered.