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Originally Posted by Fieldsy View Post
I said that cause I was making literally half that when I graduated (at 23). I drove a 10 year old Subaru that I got from my mom when she bought a new Mazda an I was thrilled just to not have to make car payments.

Didn't mean to sound like a snob - was just giving the OP props since us Psychology majors don't make sh*t in our early 20's
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Originally Posted by spyderco10 View Post
I always feel inadequate reading these threads, with the, '$60,000/year is respectable...for a 22 year old' posts. It seems the majority of members here were self made millionaires by their mid 20's.
No reason to feel inadequate! Everyone knows who the heavy hitters are on the board. Those who make it a point to mention how much they make or are worth are the inadequate.