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New car ideas

Yes, I will almost get all BMW responses. Except for Spool maybe.

I'm looking for another car come early summer. And I don't know what to do. What I really want is a p-car, like a 2007 911 Turbo, but realistically, they are at the $80K mark still and its not feasible. Plus, to buy that, would mean I need a beater, and we only have a one car garage (townhouse). We are starting to think about moving, but realistically, once we do, the money will be tied up in the house so no p-car for at least 5-10 more years I figure.


1. My wife's car is a Jetta on lease - I could buy it out for $16K (because if we just return it, we'll incur $4K in lease over km penalties anyways) and use it for the next two years while I wait for the new M4 to come out (which maybe I could afford in 2 years, but also, maybe not - by then, there will be kids, new house, and my wife won't be working so maybe it will never materialize).

2. Pick up a used E92 M3 now for about $63K (ie. 2011 with low km's). Always have loved that car, only afraid that it will feel a little underpowered. For those that drive them, do you ever feel that way? Getting bored? My buddy has one and he seems to be getting bored after 3 years and I'm worried that since I'm used to his car, I'll be bored in a year. On this front though, I'm worried that my wife will not buy into me spending $63K on a used car...she'd be worried about reliability and that's fair, though with a 2011I'd expect little problems.

3. Options - what other good cars out there at a even or lower than 60K price tag (that don't require a second car like a 911 turbo) that I can still drive in the winter as well. Must be RWD, manual, and decent in terms of reliability.

Part of me also wants to just stick it out two more years because then not only will the M4 be available, but I could potentially import an R34 Skyline instead if I really wanted to. Though prices would likely still be insanely high given demand in first year. The risk of sticking it out two years is that our economic situation (with kids and all) has changed so much that I don't want the car anymore because it doesn't make sense with kids (or money becomes tight - things can I can't stretch too much now either because I don't want to put myself in bad situation financially two years from now).

OT help!