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Drives: 2013 Mercedes C250
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2013 Passat se- great roomy car. Handling was surprising for its size. Seats are horrid. I've read v6 model is actually pretty quick.

2013 Audi a4 base- the Passat seemed to handle better. Interior was nicer then Passat, comfy seats.

2013 vw tiguan- wife's car. I love it( I think im a vw fanboy even though I never owned one. Handles good, comfy, lots of utility but still have a car feel. Quick enough for every day driving. Only down fall is fwd, but the last time i lost traction on a turn was in high school anyway. who takes turns that fast on normal roads? Smashing a pedestrian no thanks in my book.

2012 Buick gs- wins, waiting on the 2014 model to see changes