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Weebl the only thing that will really be setting my pace will be me getting home to do taxes in April. Otherwise it will be up to my right foot to determine my speed with the police. I'm not 100% determined to do 101 the entire way, I suspect the scenery might get a little monotonous after a few days straight.

I'll definitely be picking you west coasters brains before I head out from BC, unless I decide to go through Canada instead. Only time will tell. A goal in my life is to go through every province at some point, and that would knock off a few that I'm unlikely to revisit again after . such as Manitoba and Saskatchewan. (I suspect a lot of boredom)

P.S. I won't miss the penny, I have about 500 around my place, much of which is rolled. Such a useless coin these days. But I do have to say, the transition is a bit obnoxious.

And what good are pennies if you can't buy penny candies anymore

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