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Originally Posted by j2m View Post
You are correct, I have done this dozens of times BUT I have had 2 close calls.
The last one was bad enough to scare the shit out of my wife so she bought me a lift for Christmas.
I had the back of the car secure on 2 jack stands and while I was jacking the front up (on the center jacking point) one of the jack stands slid out and the car came down.
I use the hockey puck adapters and a thin piece of wood between the jack stand and hockey puck.
As I was jacking the front of the car up the weight shifted and one of the jack stands slid out.
I know they make jack stands with the inserts that fit right into the jack points and I'm pretty sure that would have kept the car from sliding off the jacks.
The main thing is being careful and going slow.
Once the car is on 4 jack stands it is very secure. I have had my car on 4 jack sands for a couple weeks at a time.
Hard part is getting it up an down.
holy crap! ... this is why one day I want to get the ezcarlift..