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This actually happened in the 80's in Houston... different circumstances though... 11 year old boy was kidnapped and taken to NOLA... sexually abused etc... found the guy and the boy returned the boy home to parents where dad found out what the guy did to said boy and dad waited at airport for said kidnapper being escorted by officers and shot him in the head on live TV as news cameras rolled. He got convicted of first degree murder and a suspended sentence 5 years probation... Hopefully this is what he gets.

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I remember seeing that story a long time ago. Guy was the kids karate instructor IIRC. Guy abducted kid, kid sexually assualted, both found, guy arrested. Father waited in ambush in the airport as perp was being extradited. Pulled out a snubby and blasted a-hole in the right temple point blank. Father was given a slap on the wrist. Seems like justice. Father will have to explain to maker why he did what he did.
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I was thinking of foaming that hole as well.