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Originally Posted by HighandDry View Post
I'm not a fan of being a hospital employee. One of the biggest perks for me is autonomy. Not only financial, but personally. If I want to make more, I work more. If I want to take a vacation, I take it off. There's nobody telling me how hard to work or how to work. Also you know that the hospital is making money off you.

In my practice, the difference in pay from the lowest earner to the highest earner is astronomical. The guy who makes the most, takes a ton of call and goes to 3 separate locations. That's the way it should be. You should be rewarded for hard work.

A friend of mine is chief of Ortho at one of the Kaiser's in Cali. The problem there is that there are surgeons in his group who are barely working, but they all make the same. He says he can't fire them, because they are shareholders and have been there a long time. Over time it really builds up animosity between the physicians.

I paid off all my student loans in 1 1/2 years. I took call from my partners and was basically on call 5 of 7 days during the week. I was averaging 15 cases/week. I'm grateful that I was able to ramp it up to pay off those loans. I'm also grateful now that I can ramp down and live the lifestyle I see fit.
Totally agree. Most of the recent urology grads I know are working hard, taking extra call, doing extra cases, etc, etc, to pay of debt, "live it up", yada yada. They should be paid for the extra work. Then, when you get a bit older and have some financial stability, ramp it down and enjoy other things.

I'm hoping I can join a decent private practice once I get out in 3 years to do the same....we'll see what the environment is like at that time.