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Originally Posted by Curt2000 View Post
Your criteria contradict themselves. M5/M6 are total gas guzzlers... I know from experience that a M5 is 100% capable of single digit mpg for city driving pretty consistently.

Plus I doubt you will be able to find one in good condition for under $30k. If you do it's probably due to extreme high mileage and maintenance will not be cheap...a new SMG clutch is like $5k and its only a matter of time before it gives out!

I can't recommend any of the mercs for the same reason plus they did not age well IMO from a styling standpoint.

I know it's not what you want to hear but if spending more than $30k is an issue then the inevitable multi thousand dollar maintenance bills and two fill-ups a week will put these cars beyond your means.

I'd say your best bet for $30k would be a mid mileage 335i sedan with a tune
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