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Originally Posted by izzyM3 View Post
Driving S of 405, saw an M3 E92 Vert down AW, three passengers. I gave them a peace sign and I got a thumbs up. Cool!

Driving back N of 405, saw a brand spanking new white M5 also AW with CF wings still with dealer (crevier) plates. Every time I caught up (due to traffic), he darts ahead, drives reckless and fast, weaving in and out of traffic. It seem like he was trying too hard showing me his dick is bigger than mine. Not cool!
Well, his dick is bigger. That notwithstanding, I have been contemplating the M5 or M6 myself as a possiblity for my next car. ( I am very happy with my M3, but I am always thinking about the next car)

My main concern with these cars is traction. That much power and torque seems way too much for RWD and/or the tire sizing that BMW has chosen to put on these cars. I have also always contended that the M3 sits smack in the sweet spot of enthusiast cars. Will the less dynamic feel of an M5 or M6 leave me disappointed, or will the pure power be enough to compensate.

Anyone else here thinking about an M5 or M6 as their next car?
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