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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
Honestly when you get down to it there is no real significant difference between an 08 and 13 M3. Thats a fact. Cars are to be driven from point A to point B. Period. If you put an 08 next to a 13 you will find no major difference that would sway me from a 08 with 2500 miles and a 13 with 2500 miles. Same car regardless. Some people complain about taillight or navi differences and upgrades but quite frankly some of us arent in the car enough each day to enjoy that stuff. In the past 2 months I have driven my modified M3 maybe a week due to the 30+ inches of snow from the past storms and I have a much nicer newer X5 that I love to drive. Just saying.

08-09 CPO M3 should be $40-$50k depending on miles...

Go with what you want and can afford.
+1. I have a lot of money into my 2008 and people say that I might as well upgrade the navigation to CIC. However, I only drive my car on the weekends so the newer navi doesn't matter to me much. OP figure out if the new features are worth it to you or not.