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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I should have added new to rule out some possbilities. The C63 is the closest IMO but there again I should have added with MT or automated manual only to rule that one out. I guess the 335i vs. M3 debate will never end ... and 99% of folks will not place a new 335i in the same performance camp as the E92 M3. The GT-R isn't out (launch date?) and likely won't touch the E92 M3 on comfort/luxury/fit/finish. That leaves domestics which I've never been too keen on. Hmm, I guess I have backed myself into a small purchasing space. Do you have some other suggestions.
Good posts Swamp. I was just suprised about you opinion of fit and finish with Nissan. My experience has been different. I have found the Japanese makes to have better fit and finish, comfort, and luxury than the Germans. Lexus anyone? You should look at the 3 series paint jobs. I have never seen worse orange peel than on the 3 series, particularly in jet black. BMW use to set the standard with spot on steering and feel, now they set themselves apart with electronic gizmos that detract from the driving experience. Anyway, I am not enamored with the GT-R looks wise but I think it will kill the M3 in every performance category. Nissan has really taken it's time developing and testing this car on the Ring and across the world. It always seems to be accompanied by a the 997 TT, in testing photos, which tells you they have much high performance expectations of the car than the M3. Even the Lexus ISF has Brembo brakes and to think a base 3 series has better steering than our M is well....Just a suggestion, drive the Cayman S just one spirited drive is all it takes. May not be practical but when a car drives like that, practical loses some of it's flair. Needs DFI though. I wish I could make myself like the Vette, what a performance bargain. Just can't see myself in a Mercedes, maybe I can learn to get over it.