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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Why did both Chris Harris and Autocar flat out say the GTR is in another league than the new M5 in performance?
Who cares dude? Why are you grasping at straws? And who the fuck is Chris Harris that you keep harping on, is he some sort of race car driver, champion or something? You make it sound like some kind of gospel, but he wasn't in the race depicted. And finally who cares about the M5 since this is about an M6?

The GTR has plenty of flaws. It just that one its flaws isn't being pulled on by an M6 under 100.
So here, settle this gnarly dispute: go find yourself a brand new M6, run it in a roll race 40-140 or whatever race in the video seems to go at, and report the results.

We promise to wait faithtfully for your report.

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