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Originally Posted by Bmw135er View Post
I've installed and driven several on E9x M3s. They really like the extra air, but the power output is not what it is at the lower altitudes. Don't get me wrong, it's no slouch with a ~600hp kit! The thin air does present it's own tuning issues that cannot be overcome without on site tuning. Nothing major, but slight hiccups here and there. I may be able to set up a ride if you like, once you are here. As far as does it work the car harder, not any more so that at or close to sea level. I've owned multiple supercharged vehicles, but the only M I did that to was my E36. Never had an issue with engine damage on any platform and I know I see more of them than anyone in the springs.
What kit are you looking into?
More than likely an ESS, but I'm not sure if I want to get a kit in the mid 5's, or opt for a 6 or higher. Here in Germany, with a higher kit, it only enhances the thrill of coming off a tight turn on the Nurburgring and putting your foot on the floor....thank god for traction control!! But in CO, there's not really any need for a kit that would crush the competition, unless I'm tracking or running the 1/4 mile at the NHRA strip in Denver.
Not running an M at the moment........I stress "at the moment"