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Originally Posted by RnmEvo9 View Post
Ahha so I was right lol, yeah I remember your video from Atco very well back in 05-06. I also wish I still had my Evo 9 till this day, but thieves are garbage.

Congrats again on the Porsche.
My EVO 9 was the 1st one to run in the 11's at the time and so many people said that it wasnt possible with just a turboback and tune but so i had to film it to prove it.

to the theives that stole your car

Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
How do you like the PDK?? Was your M3 DCT?
How is S-PASM? I ordered PDK and S-PASM.
To be honest I went with the PDK because i liked the DCT in the M3 so much.
I drove a 7spd car to see if i wanted to switch back to a manual but the car just didnt feel as fast.

The car with S-PASM looks alot better to me because of the lowered stance. With this option iam positive that i will never touch the suspension because i really wouldnt want the car to be any lower.