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Originally Posted by Sandman99 View Post
I left my 'autonomous', fee for service, private practice group for Kaiser...I am a Chief at Kaiser...and while I agree with your point that the more you work (production) in fee for service equals more pay...I had partners that made more and less than me based on how much they wanted to work...and that our system at Kaiser can have the opposite effect...The reality is that with good Chiefs and leadership there is no better system. Shareholders can and do get fired...Pay and bonuses are withheld if you do not meet certain goals...and the 'model' you work in, and that I used to work in, is short-lived with Obamacare and ACOs around the corner...Work-Life balance is one of our mottos in our Permanente medical groups...For the most part 40hr work weeks...with health and malpractice insurance covered 100%, paid vacation, matched 401Ks, and a many other benefits...We can practice patient-centered medicine and know that we have job, income, and retirement security...and leaving us plenty of time for our families, hobbies, etc...

I would be happy to discuss in more details the benefits of working at Kaiser with anyone...just PM me...
Hey, I'm not saying Kaiser is a bad system. There are definite perks. I know my buddy gets an astronomical time off (I think 3 months) and then there's that pension when you retire.

Everybody has to figure out what they want. It's just not for me. Like I said, I love the autonomy and having nobody to answer to other than the bottom line. You may be right that the private practice model will die out and probably it will die out for the solo group/private practitioner. Currently, our group is within a larger group. We are made up of many different individual practices and number 170 or so orthopods, ENT, and general surgeons. The advantage of this is that it gives you the bargaining power of a big group, but still allows your group to operate autonomously.