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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Really? It underrated? you base that on what exactly? Why does review after review have it slower than a GTR. Why when I owned an X6M was the performance significant worse than advertised? Why did both Chris Harris and Autocar flat out say the GTR is in another league than the new M5 in performance?
And I have never said the GTR is god. So quit creating straw men. The GTR has plenty of flaws. It just that one its flaws isn't being pulled on by an M6 under 100.
Yes really. Every posted dyno has proven and backed up this fact. Now when I read something several times by different resources I tend to believe it. The GTR is a superior handling car in all out numbers but it's also a car in which the computer controls everything. Hence why many people call it boring and a car for those without car racing skills. Now that Porsche you have is a better handling car as in being rewarding.

And guess what your GTR was pulled on, deal with it. Racing is not just specs on paper or we wouldn't need to test our cars.