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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
I'm so tired of the term fanboys or even worse "fanbois". I will never understand this whining from either side. Who gives a shit? I destroy both cars, eat 458's and gallardos, but got recently owned by a Toyota Supra... we both popped the hoods and talked shop. Bottom line... there is always a faster car out there.
Agreed. Well said.

I just read this thread and I for one think Nissan cars are utter garbage. I owned a couple of their new Zs and they were just junk. I have been inside the Nissan GTR and the looks of the car are horrible and the inside was average to me. Now a lot of GTR owners will think I am crazy but I cannot get past the Nissan name. I have had to many horror stories with their products so I don't even look at them. Plus I have been in cars that would put bus lengths on a stock GTR..

If I am going to spend that type of money I will get something that will satisfy my needs and wants. ZR1 or R8 V10. So what if your Nissan is a little faster. In my mind I have the looks and speed I want. Nissan only has half the pie here.

This isn't a bash post on Nissan owners. Just my honest observation, experiences, etc..

As for the video, it appears the Nissan had some issues..Didnt seem like the owner was really pushing the Nissan. Who knows.