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Originally Posted by karussell View Post
this is why there is something radical coming in 2014. instead of developing the 9A1 into the racing motor for the RSR they reused the old Mezger. They had plenty of time to do this already. $10 says Flat-8. 3.9L joint development with new Porsche FF (ferrari fighter). wheel base extension on 991 was necessary for this.

991 GT3 is not cup car in street clothes anymore. its a 991S without back seat.
RS is the civilized version of Cup. I still think they won't offer manual option on the new GT cars.
Your comments on Porsche using the mezger, while developing a radical new series of engines makes so much sense and I hope your hypothesis is correct! My only reservation on your prediction, is that Porsche will want to keep the 911 at the top of thier model line (with the exception of halo car) and have always been very reluctant to make any sort of drastic revolution on the 911. The flat-8 Ferrari Fighter would be bananas! It'll definetly be an interesting next 5 - 10 years.