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Originally Posted by Falcao View Post
Why would i be kidding. You seem to know how the GTR will beat M6 without ever racing both together same day under same track but you discount video of what you see. Irrelevant how many GTRs you own or have driven. How many F13 M6 have you driven, owned and vboxed? You need vbox of both cars to compare no?

At least i am able to get you to concede high speed GTR is going to be in some trouble which it always is against similar cars. I will end the conversation with you because your untouchable 12 GTR can never be beaten by M6 based on your own facts but a video of what you see is irrelevant. You're incorrigible!
That's funny. And how exactly can you pass any judgment let alone concede anything? Have you raced either? I know the GTR inside and out. I know the engine in an M6 inside and out.

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