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Originally Posted by talontid View Post
this whole forum has become a wreck. Shit, I have been warned/infracted upon and banned for what seems like me posting obvious slapstick comedy back to stupid posts such as this.

I am on many forums and am amzed that on an M car forum, where these cars are 75k!!, people post almost daily about how to buy insurance; how much is insurance, and the best, Can I afford this car?

How do people make it through life making their own decisions? And how on earth can they afford an M3 if the questions they ask here are any inidcator of who they are in real life. Amazing I tell ya..

Yet, me, gets reprimanded. People make stupid posts/jokes all day on this forum and nothing happens. If you're a vendor, oh jeez forget about it!! Rules go out the window.

this forum is failing tremendously. I wish M3fourm was more popular for e9x chassis as it really is a good tech forum and not at all like m3post. Mods are gonna let a good forum go bad real quick
M3forum is a joke kid. Like Honda-tech from the 1990s. I am on there (m3forums) and there is maybe like 5 people on there that know anything. I check it like once every couple of months since its mostly E36 and E46 owners there. Honestly its a bunch of teens and early 20 year old kids.. Been there done that.