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Originally Posted by FrankThomas View Post
You'll shoot your eye out kid!
Best quote I've seen all week. OP might be too young to get the Christmas Story ref

OP - I was in your shoes when I was in college. Wanted to get a STI (the car not what a lot of other people get in college). Figured I could work my restaurant job and just not have a social life or anything. Glad I didn't. Waited until I started making a respectable income and bought a new 335i.

Like others have said, you have to factor insurance (I have USAA through my father, so it's cheap), gas, and tons of blue LED lights for the interior.

I guess ask yourself why you need a M3. My 335i with M-Sport and PPK is plenty fast and I get compliments on it everywhere.

With that said, it sounds like money isn't an issue to your family (my mother thought I was an f*cking idiot for getting a $50k+ car, but proud I was able to do so on my own). I guess have fun and be safe bro bro.