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Originally Posted by prolific
Thanks for the updates and replies!

I know dealerships offer comparable warranties for older models who's original warranty has expired - what's the word on those? Not worth it? Overpriced? I haven't talked details price-wise as far as that goes with the BMW Dealership goes but they do offer something along those lines.

Obviously that price will drop, or else Ill simply move on from it - $47k is a bit steep to say the least. I guess my biggest concern is the fact that the vehicle itself is "already 5 years old" but with such low mileage, and what we can assume is some remarkable engineering, how much of a concern is that really? Sounds like some owners have experienced no issues while others have nothing but bad luck with their older models. Is it all luck?
Everyone keeps saying "it's too much". Uhhh...says who? Kelly blue book says that's actually a good deal. I paid 45k for my loaded 2009 m3 e92 and I got it below what the blue book said