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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
You obviously know your stuff about Porsches and 911's (and own one, I'm jealous), but no way I'd ever trade a 997 GT3 for a 991S, even if it can keep up with the 997.
i didn't say i would trade a GT3 for a 991S. I said i would consider getting rid of RS and M3 for one street car 991S. The RS is fun track car but i rather go wheel to wheel racing. Racing in a dedicated competitive car instead of risking a street car on a track day is far more fun and challenging. RS looks great, drives great. i love driving it, but i'm at a point where its just not used much anymore. The only fun part for me is scaring passengers on fun laps.
"It gave you amazing satisfaction, but anyone who says he loved it is either a liar or he wasn't going fast enough." - Jackie Stewart on racing at the Nurburgring