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Originally Posted by aus View Post
You should realize the doom and gloom is VERY MUCH different than in the past. The Government knows there won't be enough Physicians, so they came up with the term "healthcare provider" that cheapens a Physician and elevates an NP/PA to the Physician level. This is particularly concerning for PCP's.

As for employed Physicians, I'd have to disagree with you on that unless there's some provision for compensation based on productivity. I've worked at Kaiser and work with Physicians employed by major HMO's and there's a HUGE difference in how things get done. You have a LOT more productivity in private practice. The only down side is you guys a few bad apples who can't figure out when to discharge someone; and the hospital can't just fire them.

Maybe some of this depends on the particulars of a given situation. I work for an independent hospital that has moved to hiring many of its physicians. I am actually chief of staff at my hospital and have pushed this model with our CEO and Board of Directors.

As far as incentives go, I take care of the hospital and it takes care of me. Basically, you need to feed the hand that feeds you. Given this model, we have had no trouble keeping people motivated and productive. Overall our staff turnover is extremely low.

Treat people well, provide a pleasant and respectful work environment, give them a reasonable wage, and you will go far. Long term sustainability in practice only occurs when you balance income, workload and lifestyle. If you try to favor any one of these over the other, you will lose something.

Come to think of it, this is exactly what I said about the M3 !!! It exists in a perfect balance. If you try to find a car that does any one thing better, you will almost certainly have to compromise on some other aspect !!
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