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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
You know how many people are furious about the stupid lights going off in the Super Bowl? What kind of shit is that?!? People expect everything to be perfect, every company should be able to for see every possible accident. And if there IS an accident of some sort people expect there to be a magic button that fixes everything, instantaneously!

In St. Lucia, SUPER beautiful island, super beautiful resort, majority of people on their honeymoon or to be married in just days. The outrage of the people at the resort because the island's water would turn off randomly for an hour or so each day was disgusting. People bitching and bitching at people who had no control of the water. People demanding room upgrades because of their "inconvenience". Who was supposed to compensate my wife and i when it rained during our wedding at this resort? The St. Lucian government, the resort, the locals??

And yes, i've been on a shitty cruise. Not as bad as this, but the actual itinerary of the cruise was completely changed due to 40' swells. So we just had 4 "fun days at sea" in 60 degree temperatures accompanied by 30 knot winds; which you had to endure because anywhere inside the ship reeked of puke from everyone being sea sick. While we were under power and able to get back into port, our cruise line opted to keep us out there voluntarily. No one got their money back, no one sued the company, it was a crappy experience and a waste of money. But you know what, if i wanted to ensure my experience to be a positive one, i wouldn't have chosen a vacation in which we had no control of.

Death & taxes, those are your guarantees in life. If you experience a wonderful cruise, good for you. If it's a crappy cruise, sorry for your luck, odds are the next one will be much better. I'm sorry but some people act like being without the luxuries of plumbing and AC for 5 days is the end of the world! People need to accept life for what it is and deal with it.
Your examples are different. No one can control the weather. Here, there was an engine fire, and someone (i.e. the cruise company) is clearly at fault. Are we supposed to just suck it up and let cruise companies get away with poor maintenance? Again, just wondering ...

Sure, accidents happen, but this wasn't an accident. This was likely the result of negligence. Does that change your analysis? Would your analysis change if this was the result of arson?