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Originally Posted by e60cs5 View Post
Yeah- resellers chiming in with perfect luck stories are fine -

IMO, the real issue here IS their customer service. Not answering e-mails - (why this post happened in the first place) - yeah, I'm sure the power was out and no internet for 2 weeks? pshh... And just generally, no matter what happened, it's a premium and expensive product. Not only did it feel like they drug their feet the whole way (until I pressed the issue) But also in the end, they wouldn't deliver on the little bit of help they did promise. Even recently, they have not even called back the distributor I bought the kit from.

I'm not an unreasonable guy and I didn't have unreasonable demands... It just feels like they never really wanted to help and just wanted me to go away.

Anyone spending in the ballpark of 8 grand for a set of brakes deserves better customer service than this.
There are more than a few stories about Stoptech support in this forum. My issue with paint flaking was a process error during manufacturing.

The issues are easily fixable but the real problem lies with the company lack of QC or even corrosion testing. Some of the pictures I seen in this thread seem to be a process issue with the anodizing. The anodizing staining could be reduced if not eliminated with good process/QC and the use of a mid temperature sealant like nickel acetate for example.

The use of Geomet which is zinc/aluminum based material is a real bad choice for the bolt plating. No point in replacing them as this will just happen again. The catalyst is the water so if you live in a dry area then you are not likely not to have much problem with rusting bolts but it will happen. The rusting bolt is not a chemical attack from some cleaner LOL.

If one is making an assumption that the problems are due to chemical attack then they should know which chemical is the problem. Maybe someone should ask the real questions?