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I've had to put my M3 on stands at all four points once to send off my BBK for painting. What I did was purchased 4 stands and 2 jacks. One is I think your heavy duty 5,000lbs rated and the other a smaller Discount Auto type cheapy but still rated to 4,000lbs.

Anyway, couldn't get either jack under the front center jacking point so had to jack up one side of the front up by the black plastic jacking blocks just rear of the front wheel. Once up, I had clearance to ge the bigger jack under the center jack point, jacked up the front and placed the two jack stands under the plastic block jacking points.

Then the rear was much easier with jacking one side fo the rear jack point and placing a jack stand under the rear subframe, then did the othe side and now had all 4 wheels off the ground.

Getting it back down was a little more tasking. Had to center jack it up, remove one front jack stand, put the other jack on the other side so now held up by two jacks with no jack stands in the front. Removed the front center jack, then lowerd the front remaining side.

To lower the rear; jack up one rear side, remove that jack stand, lower and do the same for the opposite rear side.