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Originally Posted by HeartMD View Post
100K seems extremely hight for an RN. The only Rn's Ive heard of making close to that much are CRNA's working for a busy practive.
Experienced ICU nurses can make around $100k or slightly more. CRNAs generally make in the $120-150k range ( I am an anesthesiologist).

To address some of the other stuff that has been mentioned in this thread, I would start by saying that physicians have been preaching the doom, gloom, and demise of medicine ever since I can remember. It still remains a very fulfilling, and financially secure profession. You may never become truly wealthy, but you will always be affluent. Very few professions and jobs will give this overall level of inherent job satisfaction and financial security IMO.

I am very much in favor of the employed physician model. It allows me to focus on being a doctor. The administrators deal with all the crap. I am paid a decent salary. It isn't top dollar, but it isn't bottom dollar either.

And for those of us who have saved a human life, what greater thing is there in this world that one could possibly do?
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