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Well I mean, I'm only 19 so that being said I can't say much.

However, IF I had my own job making 60k/yr, and just starting out my life I would think about getting a nice car obviously but the question is which one? Now, I don't think getting an M3 right away is something that is very wise. Think about it, what if things were to go wrong with the car, the repair cost are unbelievably expensive. Maybe you could think about a cheap e46 M3.

At the same time, my mentality would to be, if you can't buy it in cash you shouldn't be buying it. Also whatever you make, you should be saving 40% or more, and the other you blow it off and enjoy.

Even a CPO 335 would be a much wiser decision. It's fun, cheaper, better on gas and also would have more warranty than the M3.

Again, I'm not the guy to be giving life lessons here, I'm just giving out my opinion and the way I would think in your situation.
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