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Love my ESS, especially the flashloader where I can switch between tunes or back to stock. But would totally be comfortable with Dinan...most dealers (if not all) will honor the mods/warranty, if not Dinan will back up with their own warranty, and don't forget that Dinan regularly tunes and modifies BMWs/M cars, Ferraris, and other brand engines (e.g Toyota) for racing and is one of the few guys in North America that can successfully bore out blocks on M engines without using sleeves. If you ever see some videos from Steve Dinan on youtube talking about the errors he found on the M5 intake (and that BMW corrected on the M3), you know this guy knows exactly what he's talking about. They are also highly professional and don't play tuner tit-for-tat, he said/she said games. Only criticism is that I've been less than impressed with the service advisor guys at the Dinan company owned service centers and those at the Morgan Hill HQ responsible for dealing with customer questions about performance part specifics. But engineering wise, they are really impressive.

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