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Originally Posted by son_of_siggy View Post
That's awesome . . . for now. But when gas hits $10 a gallon, people will be yearning for more efficient ways to travel. Not that the Tesla, at 90k fits that bill just yet.

I drive about nearly 900 miles a month in my Volt for about $17 bucks a month total . Recently started a new job that's 100 miles a day round trip. Drove my GF's car for a week. Even at 26mpg, that hurt.
I drive 800 miles a week. I looked at the Volt too. I love the way the Volt drives; it truly is an amazing car. If it fit my commute better I'd buy one in a heartbeat (no pun intended). If I lived in the Burbs and drove 50 miles a day, I don't think you can beat the Volt formula.

I thought the Tesla could fill my needs and did the math on how it compared to my E90 in total cost over 194,000 miles. In total operating costs (vehicle cost, maintenance, fuel) the Tesla was about $15,000 (estimated) more than the E90. A 60 kWh version would get me the range I need for my 160 mile daily drive.

The thing that kills the Tesla for me is the $600/12,000 mile service cost. Sounds like Tesla is just grabbing some extra money from the owner.