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Youre the fucking clerk behind the counter who didnt give him a half priced sammich, huh...
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This story amazes me on many levels.. self defense, the ridiculous sentence, and the fact it was over something so idiotic. I can't wait to hear OP's connection to the story
The victim is my niece's husband (on my wife's side of the family).

My wife and I are the closest relatives, since we live in NorCal, and the rest of his family is in NJ or NY.

I received a phone call from the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Torrance social worker around noon on Sept. 30, 2011, asking me to come down there. I asked, "What's going on?", and again was told to just come down there. My wife and I drove down to the hospital where we found the victim in the ICU, on a respirator, with around 12 bags of drugs pumping into him to keep his heart beating. He was brain dead, and almost unrecognizable. I've never seen anyone's eyelids swollen so badly. His wife arrived the next day and to her credit, had them stop the machines and drugs. His heart stopped 2 minutes later.

We met with the police and were advised they knew who the assailant was, and they picked him up the morning of Oct. 4th. He's been in jail ever since.

The verdict of voluntary manslaughter is just incomprehensible, along with the D.A. saying the verdict was fair. She said that she talked to the jury and they said they voted the way they did because the victim lunged at the assailant after he was sucker punched and they they the assailant's self-defense mechanism kicked in. Biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever heard.

The victim's wife freaked out when she heard the verdict, as I expected her to.

Here's another kick in the pants: CA sentencing guidelines call for a sentence of 3, 6 or 11 years for voluntary manslaughter. NO other choices.

We are so angry right now, we can't see straight......

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