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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
I do Vbox stuff by myself out on desolate stretches of wide open country roads. I have three basic rules for high speed runs on public roads:
1)no passengers
2)no other cars within sight
3)know the road

The engine in the M6 is barely more powerful than the V6 in the Nissan but the GTR is lighter, more aerodynamic, has tighter gearing and is all-wheel drive.
Then you do race on the street and you don't know as much about the M6 engine as you lead on because it is way underrated. You just recite only the specs that suit your needs.

The Nissan GTR is a great car but it's not god. You can make other cars faster in a straight line that cost less. I can buy a 2013 GT500 put drag radials, a pully and a canned tune on it and make you look silly. But it proves nothing and the GT500 would get owned in a corner by a 37k Camaro.